Acrostic Poem#15

Wonderful news to Extol Delighted we have reached the hump of the week Nerves, what nerves Everything is hunky dory here hope this finds you in a Similar state of mind Doing what needs to be done to keep the wolf from the door Acrostically speaking, not caustically speaking Yes of course I could have […]

Acrostic Poem#14

Toss away those self-doubts Use your inner strengths to help Energise Suddenly you should feel better Daunting thought, not at all Alternatives, keep them to one side Yes its Tuesday the week is on a roll. (c) Chris Black 2017.  

Acrostic Poem#13

Moanday, the consensus in the Office is for a change of name Numb, that’s how colleagues tell they feel after the weekend Danny says he’d prefer to have his finger nails drawn Amazingly there are those who row in with him Yes, it is not just the Boom Town Rats who Don’t Like Mondays. (c) […]

How time flies.

12 months to the day saw the release of my first book of Poetry And Short Stories titled Same Train, Different Track my thanks to all who purchased a copy and those who purchased copies the book was printed in Ireland by SPRINT – Print. Thanks also must go to the publisher Carol Boland @ […]

Have you ever pondered ever wondered

Where does inspiration come from to help you form your poem? Perhaps a summer breeze A monumental sneeze Or that flu like shiver Perhaps that doe eyed look That sets your heart a quiver That wink that has you think Should I return with a coy glance, might there be a chance? It well have […]

Beguiled by a smile.

It takes just a smile from that special someone To turn your darkest day to bright Sadness to delight To help you go that extra mile You might well be feeling down Wearing that dejected frown Maybe you’re hearing the bark of Black Dog Suddenly when least expected That smile It may well be from […]