A friend in need is a friend indeed. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

In conversation we still fondly recall those innocent times

Spent in the company of granny and granddad

As in the time the wayward stranger stopped by

The door was always off the latch.

Welcoming in one and all.

The friendly greeting of ‘hello stranger’ you are most welcome

The kettle is on the hob, pull up a chair

Tell us your story.

Now in fear we keep all doors on the lock

Many of us don’t know our neighbour

Changed times?

We delighted in the stranger sharing their experiences

Listening with great interest to the recollection of people they meet.

The traveller most of the time came equipped with a banjo

Which they strummed while regaling us with song and story.

Once fed and watered and stories told

With banjo and knapsack slung across each shoulder

 It was time they’d say, to hit the high road and continue life’s journey.

It was only as we got on in years did we appreciate granddads words

‘Generous and Authentic’

© Chris Black. March 2019

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Down in the valley. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

A thing that is hardly a thing

As vague as how long is a piece of string.

Trying hard to love the human race?

It’s difficult to love its ugly face.

All fish a tasty dish

Aside from red herrings.

Yankee Doodle Went to Town Riding on a Pony

But not Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Young and Old must take care of themselves

Or end up looking like the Wreck of the Hesperus.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

To Thine Own Self Be True.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

There is a Lady Sweet and Kind

The Minstrel Boy

The Great Adventurer

Horatius at the Bridge.

The Little Man Who Wasn’t There

A man of words and not of deeds

Watched in awe The Charge of the Light Brigade.

Crying out he could be heard to say Death Be Not Proud

The Day is Done.

In a shaken sieve the rubbish is left behind.

© Chris Black. March 2019.

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Nothing like a little drama. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

Today is the tomorrow which yesterday the wonder was what it might bring

Now the bird can be released from its cage and allowed to sweetly sing.

Yesterday now a day long passed

Will leave a memory which will long last

Attended a play last evening in the Kilmuckridge Memorial Hall

The presentation on the night will be for a long time be on recall

A Frank Carney play “The Righteous are Bold”

Kept the audience on seats edge as its story began to unfold.

From the moment the lights went down we waited in anticipation

As did the family of Nora Geraty, returning from England with little explanation.

She had been struggling with an “illness” for which could be found no “cure”

The “devil” had consumed her she was thought to be “impure”

Nora, in her battle with the “demon” caused no little consternation

In the end a priest was called, the end result I’ll leave to the imagination.

© Chris Black. March 2019

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Nature’s model

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Nature’s model

I cannot wait to take a walk

Inhale the morning air

Take a snapshot of my thoughts

And then with you I’ll share.

In the treetops songbird sounds

Echo beauty that surrounds

Capture colour, palette pour

Like an operatic score.

Gentle whisper, lilting leaves

Creates a softness in the breeze

Opens senses, pleasant phases

Nature’s model that amazes.

J.poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

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Who knows what tomorrow might bring. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

Sitting here frustrated

Minute by minute more agitated

Racking what is left of this brain

Trying so hard the thought process to regain

A semblance of what I was yesterday

When I sat and had plenty to say

Today a total different kettle of fish

As I try and plate up a poetic dish

I sigh and wish in total frustration

For this train of thought to leave this station

Pick me up on its way back

The thought process would then be on a different track?

Then I could cry joyous tears

Wash away these inner fears

Write poetic words which intertwine

Assisting me write poetry in rhyme

But until that time comes to pass

Dig my heels in like a stubborn ass

Sit here become more frustrated

Minute by minute become even more agitated.

© Chris Black. February 2019

#Poetry #amwriting

Listening to Chopin. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~


Instrumental sounds assisting the mind focus

Drive the thought process

Music for concentration

Black and white, ebony and ivory notes

Soothing to the ear

Peaceful, allows drifting thoughts settle

Beautiful piano pieces, food for the brain

Creating a relaxed ambience about the Man Shed

Outside on the front porch

Watching sunrise

Putting flesh on the bones of a poem

Every engine needs a kick start.

© Chris Black. February 2019

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The old bone shaker. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

In the high grass of the haggard

It sits lost, a sad looking sight

 Rusting, with tyres perished

That grey coloured Massey Ferguson.

It served us well, as children

Taught a couple of generations how to drive

Draw cocks of hay, reverse trailers

Follow a plough.

At all times under the watchful eye of granddad

And assembled farmhands

Health and safety those days

Consisted of proper meals

Freedom to roam

Endless sunshine.

It stands now a relic of times past.

A gentle reminder of innocent times.

© Chris Black. February 2019

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It can be a sad old world. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

To each and everyone

He never failed to doff his hat

He was quite insistent it was removed

At each church he’d pass

Once entering across a threshold

He’d tip his hat politely

Then hang it on his knee

Granddad taught us politeness

At every turn of his hand.

It stood us in great stead

We’d bow and curtsy and offer a hand

Manners these days

Frowned upon in many quarters

Not by all, but quite a few

To give up your seat on public transport

A thing of the past it seems

Road rage, all the rage

Life is cheap it would appear

Such actions

If they were brought to his attention

Would have granddad shed a tear.

© Chris Black. February 2019

#Poetry #amwriting

Submitting to Poetry Journals & Competitions: A Beginner’s Guide

a dreaming skin

Chatting to writers during the recent #JanuaryWriteOff 30 Day Challenge, it became clear many people find the process of submitting to poetry journals and competitions quite daunting. From formatting to bios to fees, there can be a lot of hoops to jump through and I thought it might be useful to walk you through the process.

What Goes into a Submission?

When you’re preparing work to send out into the world, you will need to prepare a package of information comprising some, or all, of the following:

  • Your work, presented in accordance with the competition or journal’s Submission Guidelines;
  • A short writer’s bio;
  • A cover letter and/or a completed application form;
  • An author’s photo;
  • Competition or Submission fees (if applicable).

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

Submission Guidelines

I’ve attended lots of workshops given by editors and publishers, and they all go something…

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