Parting glass.

Left with just the mark of a wedding band He carved her name on the tree branch Pushed it gently into the swollen river Watched as it floated carried on the strong current The sound track of his thoughts assisted him on his journey. Another chapter written in the book of life. The divorce his […]

I’m addled.

Barging into the office, steam emitting from my ears. I’ll give him whats what I muttered to myself, before coming to an abrupt halt in the middle of the office floor. Mr ‘Grumblefellow’ as the boss had been christened was slumped across the large mahogany table, drawing a deep breath I ventured closer, lifted the […]

Verbal carpentry.

Nothing seems to move except the moon Silently it rises Moving through clouds and tree branches. Morning will bring song and the dawn chorus. Verbal carpentry May at times lead down a cul-de-sac. In doing so, it gives time for reflection. You alone must Find your way back to the writers highway. Like the motorist […]

In a hotel lobby

Sitting people watching, what a wonderful pastime. Two ladies putting the world to rights over their lattes and buttered scones. An elderly silver haired gent with walking cane in left hand slowly makes his way from the bar taking great care not to spill a drop of his precious liquid. A couple taking their time […]

At interval time

We excused ourselves Showing a deaf ear to the mumbles of those we disturbed.   Wine glasses had to be replenished while still swaying to those rhythmical sounds. All the chatter was about how good part 1 was it was now but a sound in the head a memory. What would part 2 be like? […]