Clutching at straws.

Sitting down today ¬†with great intentions Created nought Cause Word drought Episodes like this must be shared Not sit in despair No I’m not despondent In fact quite content to think out loud The imagery of walking away Leaving a page Without stain Pains me. (c) Chris Black 2017.      


Hell, fire and damnation Three destinations visited While the coupling lasted. Fear and dread came alive Once darkness fell. Daylight was no better Bringing dark clouds The barking of black dog And sound of breaking glass. Relationships are fragile at the best of times So why stay? Is it the devil you know syndrome? Fear […]

Meanwhile, On July 4, 1776

Originally posted on A Thing for Words:
In Philadelphia, the great men with their great status and aspirations debated if these colonies should declare themselves independent states from their strict Mother, Britain. Some decried the annoying nature of their colleagues in the heat of early summer. Their small war was fought with ideas and rhetoric,…

Castles in the air

So easily constructed? Oh if it were the same of a poem. Then again is it not good good to have a project which challenges the thinking process? Knitting words together a pattern emerges. As with the master builder. Without blocks on site The result at days end they will have acquired a tan. So […]