Ode to Two Teddy Bears.

Mortimer and Orange Ted
Continue to be favourites of this household
Like family members they have aged
One faded slightly into a shadow of his former self.
Still greeted by young and old thus
Ah they’re lovely, when did the pink one lose the eyes?
Are you not the lucky ones eh?
Spoken to as though they could answer back
Adults do act strange around stuffed toys?
While children just enjoy their company
Left alone with them you can hear various conversations.
Stories of the activities of the day, secrets shared
The let us lay down and have a cuddle innocence.
Magic company children and teddy bears.
Mortimer and Orange Ted have lived together
Slept in the same bed, listened to bedtime stories
Never a cross word.
What stories they could tell.
If only the human race could be as civil
What a charmed life we would live.
©Chris Black. December 2017.