C. J. Black

Today I could find nothing at all to write about

So I thought I’d write about nothing and give it a shout out.

Nothing seems at all times to be totally neglected

Left to its own devices, nothing ever is respected?

When there is nothing to write about it can be a miserable distraction

When a writer arrives with nothing to say – there will never be a reaction

There is nothing to be gained by staying tight lipped when asked your opinion

Saying nothing sometimes just makes you look like a funny onion?

I believe it was a good thing that today I had nothing to say

So I could write about nothing and have a nothing kind of day

I guess tomorrow, if nothing happens me overnight there will be a different approach.

Time to call a halt to proceedings, for in relation to this poem I have, nothing more to attach.

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing”

Elbert Hubbard.

C. J. Black©β

Friday, 18 July 2014

The bells, the bells.

C. J. Black

It’s coming near the witching hour, time to rest the head
But with so many factions working against me I’m filled with fear and dread
The demons must be obeyed or they will hover all night long
Until I sit and write and write, they’ll not return to where they belong
I’m not complaining I’ll have you know, just venting my spleen
For to write something constructive I am awfully keen
But it’s very hard to visualise, as I sit here with bleary eyes
Of what will be the final outcome, what will be the total sum?
Talking to myself I tell you will be of benefit to no one
Stating that, I must admit I work better when alone
Having to rely on myself with no one else to consult
Always works out in my favour – there will be an end result
A blank page has yet to defeat me when I’m on my game
If I make mistakes along the way I just have myself to blame
It’s now way past the witching hour the demons have abated
I have calmed the nerves, that’s good, I need not now be sedated?
Off I go now to rest awhile and come down off this high
The end is in sight I’m glad to say – the word well has just run dry.
C. J. Black©β
Monday, 14th July 2014

The Sabbath Day.


C. J. Black


On the Sabbath Day, it was designed, people congregate and pray

It was to be a day of rest, to free the mind, a day to be blessed

I thought then I might, take heed of this and just not write

Not the easiest thing to do, one can’t but try, then tomorrow start anew

But as thoughts come flooding in, I realise I just can’t win

With the devil on one shoulder, my guardian angel on the other, by the minute growing older

I sit myself down with this pledge, my guardian angel I can’t enrage

But that devil just won’t back down, as in poetic words I drown

Having survived the day without writing a single word, my mind you can imagine was now becoming much more blurred

There was but one solution to this dilemma, which I could use causing little drama

Start writing at 23:59, then everything should turn out fine

Hopefully earlier thoughts will then resurface, and I’ll not have done anyone a disservice

I will then get on with the task in hand, hopefully everything will turn out grand

And I will have a poem complete, so my deadline I can meet-

Clap myself on the back, raise a glass in silent toast, for as you can perceive, I’ve just achieved my weekly post.

C. J. Black©β

07/07/2014 00:19:01


Fifty – Word Inspiration.

Fills me with trepidation
How to approach this
No thought of – give this a miss
To-day being UFO day
I thought – Ah something to say?
A topic which to sink your teeth into
Or does it with your mind screw?
Imagine, Unidentified Flying Objects
What is the world coming to?
C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 02 July 2014

Today I have been quite prolific?

C. J. Black
There is nothing quite like it when you’re in the groove
You feel like you could write forever just to prove –
That there is no point in standing stock still
Once the ink is pumping through your quill.
Today I have been quite prolific
While there are days which were quite horrific
Every writer I guess takes that fall
And comes up against that invisible brick wall.
But never let us contemplate defeat
Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes – be upbeat
Shoulder to the wheel – create that positive mind-set
Your alphabets your best friend – never see it as a threat.
See what can happen when you’re in the groove
You’ve created a poem in one swift move
Line by line in double quick time
Not perfectly crafted, nor precise rhyme.
But a poem all the same
It’s your creation, feel no shame.
There is but one thing left to do
Give it a title – to your poem be true.
A real strong moniker leads the reader in
Or all your hard graft could find its -self-confined to the shred-it bin.
C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 29 June 2014

From me and my ‘Ego’

C. J. Black.
It is high time I paid respect to those of you who follow, Like and comment.
To say that I am overwhelmed is putting it mildly, to think my scribbling generates this much attention amazes me.
So thank you kindly for your support from all corners of the world, it is great meeting you, here’s wishing you all continued success with whatever line of writing you are following, it will take me time, but I will eventually catch up and I’m sure enjoy and learn from the wisdom of your words.
C. J. Black©β
23/06/2014 10:35:55

Good Morning Monday.

C. J. Black
It’s just taken seven days for you to return –
The world is a changed place, there has been a major bridge burn –
Since the last time you were here seven days ago
The ‘armies’ around the world continue to have a go –
At demolishing the fragile peace the civilised world long for
It really is getting too much to handle, it’s becoming a total blur.
News bulletins are becoming something you want to miss
Hiding your head in the sand for a short time, is this bliss?
It is not going away you know, if you believe differently you’re at nothing
Let us hope that the person in charge of it, steers well clear of the RED button?
C. J. Black©β
Monday, 23 June 2014

Be afraid be very afraid.

A full moon rising.

C. J. Black.

It happened, a frightening sight
On this, full moon night.

While travelling on a late night tram
Hair started growing on his left arm.

His eyebrows began to grow
Facial hair began to show.

It started sprouting from his nose
His hackles then arose.

He stood up let out a loud howl
Sitting down began to growl.

Fear engulfed all on board
The sound of silence, not a word.

What to do in such circumstance
Look elsewhere don’t even glance.

You can’t ask to disembark
Your request might just raise a spark.

After all he was in control?
So silence, all should extoll.

For future travel have a calendar check
Also check the hair on the back of your neck.

Also, ignore everything I relate
On full moon nights I tend to hallucinate?

C. J. Black©β
Friday, 13 June 2014

If it’s trivia you’re after??

C. J. Black
Write a poem off the cuff
About lot and lots of trivia stuff.
Scratching my head in wonderment
I thought, a request from Heaven sent.
For is that not what I attempt best?
So away I go quill in hand with vigour and with zest.
Open the mind let it all hang out
Then you’re in with a real good shout –
To write a poem off the cuff
About lots and lots of trivia stuff.
Like when they invented the toilet roll
Were they standing or perhaps sitting on a stool?
When chamber music first came to light
Was it performed in a small room out of sight?
Then of course there is the Morse code
What were they thinking when into the room Samuel strode?
And hallelujah for the crochet and quaver
I guess for Handel it was a real life saver.
Did I hear a murmur of that’s enough?
I’ll sign off so, but in the future should you want something off the cuff??
C. J. Black©β Wednesday,28May2014

A mesmerising thought?

C. J. Black.
Where do they go? Those thoughts which surface then disappear
Somewhere out in the universe perhaps floating in the open air.
Here’s a mesmerising thought, what if somewhere out in space
There are aliens trying to interpret your poem, would that be a fall from grace?
Perhaps there is a Bard out there gathering up each one of them
Storing them away in his floating library to decipher with his *Collins Gem
If this is the case, then never again will I feel alienated
Allow them have all those marked rejected see how they handle being berated.
I’m sure the Pluto Times has a critic of its own
Who can criticise with the best of them, uttering the occasional moan
Critics here on Terra Firma are also a funny breed!
Better sign off on that note or I may have a case to plead.

C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 21 May 2014