NaPoWriMo2014 #18

Extracting the Michael!!

C. J. Black.

Little things please little minds – yes of course I can do trivia
Just thought of this and wrote it down while seated in a cafeteria
No I do not lead a dull life, in fact quite the opposite
My style has been quoted back to me as being quite composite.

But I am not here to brag or even throw a beautiful bouquet
The gardens need attention, since winter they, have fallen into decay
Yes it is that time of year, spring is in the air
When equipment of all types are disposed of or singled out for repair.

Man about the house that’s me, an expert at odd jobbing
An ideal topic for discussion when I return to my blogging
Poetry takes many forms in my humble opinion
But be advised – don’t quote me, in the large scheme of things I am but a minion.

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking – what’s he waffling on about
Sure I could write so much better of that I have no doubt
You’ll get no argument from me an expert I am not
I just sit down, compose myself it’s never perfect by a long shot.

The same cannot be said of my steaming cup of coffee
I know its brutal poetry – please don’t berate me – I’m just an old softy.
C. J. Black©β