A mesmerising thought?

C. J. Black.
Where do they go? Those thoughts which surface then disappear
Somewhere out in the universe perhaps floating in the open air.
Here’s a mesmerising thought, what if somewhere out in space
There are aliens trying to interpret your poem, would that be a fall from grace?
Perhaps there is a Bard out there gathering up each one of them
Storing them away in his floating library to decipher with his *Collins Gem
If this is the case, then never again will I feel alienated
Allow them have all those marked rejected see how they handle being berated.
I’m sure the Pluto Times has a critic of its own
Who can criticise with the best of them, uttering the occasional moan
Critics here on Terra Firma are also a funny breed!
Better sign off on that note or I may have a case to plead.

C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 21 May 2014

NaPoWriMo2014 #29

Were comfort zones built by cowards?

C. J. Black.

If in doubt never fear of requesting guidance
What we cannot speak about we should pass over in silence.

I have been referred to on occasion as a class of a rough diamond
I still have to overcome my shyness in order to respond.

Lying here on the couch in my therapists room
Will assist me in signing off in my own name and not using a nom de plume.

On exiting his ‘surgery’ I feel totally exorcised
The demons inside my head seem lesser magnified.

This ‘poem’ you can take it from me is laced with cynicism
No matter how hard you try you’ll find not a trace of egotism.

Moving out of my comfort zone looking for recognition
I would if I only had an abundance of ammunition.

At this point the quill is quivering in my hand
So it’s time that I made my exit and obeyed its command.
C. J. Black©β

NaPoWriMo2014 #27

Feeling full of beans.
C. J. Black
I came up through the school of hard knocks
So you there, standing on your soap box
Don’t think you can frighten me
Spewing out your litany
Of lies, trying to confuse the facts
With your utterly confused acts
This won’t wash I’ll have you know
I’ll stand and take it blow by blow
I’ll not stand down or turn my back
Believe me I’ll never slack
Your lies will eventually wear you down
You’ll be ostracised, made wear that thorny crown
Too late you’ll realise
There’s just so far you can travel with lies
Finding yourself isolated
Being constantly berated
Will eat away at your soul
It will surely take its toll
Persist if you will
Swallowing the bitter pill
The hand of friendship has deserted you
As enemies you continue to accrue
So be it on your weary head
As you lie there in your self-soiled bed.
I came up through the school of hard knocks
Your attitude will, in waves send shocks
Through your coterie of ‘friends’
They will desert you now like rats do a sinking ship
Too late you’ll realise, perhaps I should have bitten my lip.

C. J. Black©β

NaPoWriMo2014 #26 & #27 were constructed following a conversation over a coffee when it was suggested try write something of substance, only you – you know who you are can tell me as no doubt you will if I was successful.

NaPoWriMo2014 #26


C. J. Black.

In the greater scheme of things
We will be knocked back by more than bee stings
Chin up, chest out frightens off adversity
Believe firmly in yourself, there will be no atrocity.

Self – belief is something we must teach ourselves
Then we will grow in stature not continue to be little elves
Not that I have anything against little elves per say
Speak your mind at all times disregarding here say.

The gossips of this world end up with just one friend
Themselves and their shadow both playing pretend
Lastly, if I may share these four proverbs with you
They are not my property so feel free to share them too –

Eagles don’t catch flies
Ask no questions and hear no lies
Empty vessels make the most sound
Between two stools one falls to the ground.

C. J. Black©β

NaPoWriMo2014 #24


C. J. Black.

Faith in your ability irrespective of your life’s status
You should of course fly your flag without ever feeling callous
No standing in the shadows – REMEMBER YOU ARE YOUR COMRADES EQUAL
Go for the jugular at all times there will never be a sequel.

Such traits should be instilled from an early age
And not just written in book form to be learned directly from the page
I, firmly believe this to be the case
Or I wouldn’t be sitting here occupying this space.

One place you’ll not find me is strolling down Madman Avenue
Most of the time I appear upbeat – I leave aside thoughts of feeling blue
One thing you can take from this is I’m not a know-it-all
Lies like this will undoubtedly assist in damning my mortal soul.
C. J. Black©β

I once was a child. C. J. Black.

The innocence of a question asked

The biggest problem should be a simple task

Why can’t we fly to the moon?

Why have we no helium to blow up a balloon?

To go and circle around the sun

Now wouldn’t that be so much fun

Why is the sun so far away?

Should we be protected from its ray?

Did daddy never go to school?

He did – well why do you always refer to him as a fool?

And little Johnnie down the road

How do you know he’s a fraud?

Children ask the funniest things

Like are those marks on your neck really bee stings.

How are you meant to explain?

Without inflicting any more pain

When they ask – why did you and daddy part?

Do you really suffer from a broken heart?

When I was a child these questions never came to mind

Were we more innocent then? Or just not inclined –

To question about this kind of thing

If we did alarm bells would ring

Did our parents put these issues to one side?

With the hope our innocence they could hide.

Children of today have little fear of change

They are well educated, well read able to rearrange

No matter what situation should arise

It’s a credit to them and the system there brought up in –

That their mind they are allowed exercise.

C.J. Black

Gave the sawdust a shake, look what fell out. C. J. Black.

I was prompted to step outside my comfort zone by a fellow blogger ( HarsH ReaLiTy) and write on a subject other than continuously writing poetry, so this is my humble offering in relation to his suggestion.

To kick off I want to say how humbled I am at the response to my “scribbling”

I was coaxed into joining up with WordPresss and going “viral” thinking prior to doing so that if I went “viral” some bits of me might fall off and at my stage in life it was something I wished to give a miss.

O.K. so I’m digressing, back to basics – going viral –

I have been scribbling now for the past 20 years or so just for the fun of it.

Filling copy books and filing them under the bed.

Early in the 1990’s I spotted an advert in a daily newspaper; they were looking for “new work” “poetry” for an anthology they were publishing later that year.

So I thought why not give a bash, I was on my way to work, it was late September when I got the idea to write this poem (I will post it with this piece) and sent it off thinking no more about it.

Some weeks later I was informed that my poem had been accepted for publication – you could have knocked me down with a feather –

I had a further 16 poems published over the years – in publications for this group –

They would have different themes for each publication – they requested that you submit a poem fitting for the theme.

In the end I stopped sending poems, as to receive your poem you had to buy a copy of the anthology –

As I am the sort of person who likes to graze until I find a book I want to purchase,

Spending money blindly on a book eventually did not make sense to me as all I was doing was spending money to buy back my poem – so I continued writing and filing them under the bed.

Then I got set up as a “blogger”  to say that my gast was flabbered at the response is to tell you the honest truth and getting mentioned by writers so much more prolific than I, who write so eloquently at all times on a range of different subjects is again to repeat myself, humbling.

Since starting to publish last October 2012 I’ve gone from zero to my best day on 22nd February, 29 views and 654 in total at time of going to print with this piece.

So a sincere word of thanks to all who have taken the time to drop by and sample my “scribbling”, I hope you continue to stop by and hopefully be entertained.

Those from as far away as, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, U.K. Ireland, Japan to mention but a few –

People such as Kevin Connelly, Fugitive Fragments (Mike), Fransi Weinstein Et Al, Sow, Sew, So, Mind Of A Mouse, Written Words Never Die, (Eric Alagan) this is just a sample of those good enough to take the time to follow and comment, if you care to drop by and check out my offerings and comment be my guest. I urge you also to check in on those who are gratious enough to follow my offerings.

I have been inspired by you all, as well as educated in the art of writing – it is, as I am wont to say – a bad day that you don’t learn something new, thank you for your time, until the next time may the force be with you.


See the trees with skeletal frame

Looking limp and rather frail

Not looking forward to autumn calling

When colours fade and their leaves start falling.

See them standing quite exposed

Naked and without any clothes

Dreading the time of snow and frost

A time when all dignity is lost

Wintertime can be a real worry

Hurrah, for springtime and February.

When trees again begin to flourish

                                                                                                 Nature trees begin to nourish,

During summer months they’re in full bloom

For them autumn will come around too soon.

C.J. Black

First published 1997 by Poetry Today

ISBN 1862260710

Writer’s cramp! C. J. Black

Have you ever tried to write, a poem against your will?

I can’t remember if I ever did, but tonight I think I will

Some people it must be said can write at the drop of a hat

On a specific subject or perhaps on this or that

There are those who are prolific in the art of writing prose

While others, when given time can rattle off a poem in rhyme

While a journalistic piece is an art form which should never cease

Those who write flash fiction will tell you it’s an addiction

Those who write biographies will I believe never be short of juicy stories

Journalists who report and write on war unfortunately never have to travel far

Then you have the composer keen on writing a musical piece

Harking back to the year of dot this practice will never cease

I’ve tried on a number of occasions an attempt to write a song

The truth I tell is that inevitably it always turns out wrong

The art of writing I would hope no one should to destroy

Nor should the art of keyboard fingering be allowed to die

I once knew a stenographer who enjoyed each day in court

But I must admit I never have met a male or female escort

So now you see any one can write anything you wish

Pick a subject make some notes – end up with a tasty dish

Now I’ve finished what I started out to do – wrote a poem against my will

Time to head for a darkened room after swallowing my chill pill!

C. J. Black

23rd February 2013.



Popped, another cork. C. J. Black

After polishing off a bottle of Italian red words are beginning to flow

So write them down as they fall out who knows where this poem will go

I’m really hopeless when it comes to choosing a wine to complement a meal

I just drink what is on offer I don’t know how you feel?

My preference it must be stated is for a Chilean red

But if it is white that’s on offer I’ll drink it – no more to be said

There you go I’ve fluffed my lines at least that’s what I think

But I tell you I’m not bet yet – think I’ll pour another drink

Don’t attempt to quote that quotation – glass half empty glass half full

I might insult you by quoting back – shut up and don’t be talking bull

Isn’t it quite amazing the rubbish you can write

After polishing off a bottle of red and convincing yourself that you had a good night

You stand up and stagger sideways oblivious of the stares

As you stand hanging onto the bottom rung contemplating 14 steps of stairs

Eventually you make it and fall into the bed

Then things get kind of out of hand – when the room begins to move – that’s it – enough said.

C. J. Black

16th February 2013.

Ever read gobbeltygook before?

I worked with this guy at one time who told me after I’d arrived back off holidays that he had never been anywhere, which I thought quite absurd but I didn’t tell him that suffice to say.

But tell me honestly; how anyone could make such a statement I mean even if you went from the bedroom to the bathroom you were after being somewhere so how could you state that “I’ve never been anywhere”

Anywhere is a state of mind, if I travel from my home to the nearest town – approximately 12 miles I’ve been somewhere so I can’t with hand on heart say I in any given week that I haven’t been anywhere – agreed?

Perhaps you have other ideas if so do let me know I’d welcome them from anywhere in the world.

On receipt I can then announce that anywhere really does exist. This will go a long way to proving my point that nobody can ever say truthfully that they have never been anywhere ever again.

So next time someone asks you where do you wish to go on holidays just say surprise me, I’ll go anywhere once it’s with you.

You might even send me a postcard as I am contemplating going anywhere for a break after the festivities.

C.J. Black

21st December 2012