The Inkwell is now topped up. C. J. Black

Hallelujah – It’s January 2014.

From me, myself & I
I tell you, and this is no lie
Taking a break from writing
I thought – perhaps would be inviting –
Me, to travel down another road
Where my scrambled thoughts I could unload
But quickly I realised I was on the wrong track
When I found myself in a cul-de-sac
So nothing else would suffice but to make a quick about turn
Really, it doesn’t take an old dog that long a new trick to learn
It never was about raising the white flag
And no, writing was not becoming a chore or a drag
I am the only one with a vision
Of what I wished to achieve when I made this decision
I knew it would do me the world of good
I sowed seeds that hopefully would produce poetic food
Nourishment for the mind, body and soul
Something that would germinate from nothing into a whole.
To build something worthwhile one must have a firm foundation
Making sure you give your work your fullest concentration
I trust that I’ve done just that so I’ll crank it into gear
Pop the corks, raise those glasses from me to you Happy New Year.

C. J. Black©β
02/01/2014 23:00:26

I guess we all have aspirations C. J. Black.

Some day I’d like to write something inspirational

Knowing I will never write anything sensational

Nor will I write a poem that is in any way breathtaking

I doubt either I could write a poem which would be viewed as groundbreaking

But continue I will, to write down whatever drips from the nib of my quill

It will never turn out to be a Van Gough but on paper it will appear as a still

Have you aspirations for the poetry you write?

Are you like me, I can’t wait for my efforts to take flight

It is in fact a great relief; I’m just speaking here about myself

When I can take my copy book and place it on the shelf

Greatly pleased with what I’ve done, another poem completed

I will never walk away from my desk feeling in any way depleted –

Positive thoughts are the way I approach a blank page

Most of the time I don’t have a subject on which I can engage

Just like this piece which is not, going so well so far

Started out earlier today, while driving in my car

I was trying to think of a topic when struck by inspiration

So I pulled in the car and parked it up at a local petrol station

With Dictaphone at the ready I started to dictate

Putting down the first six lines left my mind in a calmer state

Back at base later in the day to finish this poem was my main aim

If you have taken the time to read and this makes no sense to you –

My head is above the parapet; shoot me I’m fair game.

C. J. Black

12th April 2013.



What Is War? C. J. Black.

War is all about different sides who can’t agree

Whether it’s about politics or religion they’ll fight on land or sea,

The warlords do not give a damn about the blood they spill

They send their troops to infiltrate take no heed of who they kill,

It seems that they are only concerned about the glory and the power

It begs the question do they think about their fighter’s final hour,

They’ll order that mass graves be dug the innocent to bury

They’ll also continue to order death it’s doubtful if they worry,

Do they ever think about the trauma that they cause to friend and foe alike

As long as each missile fired hits the target with each strike,

Will there come a time across the land

When all who want peace take a stand,

And tell the leaders of each nation

It’s time for peace – call a cessation,

Let future generations not know war

Is there a sign of this happening – not so far?

C.J Black

First published – in 1999 by Poetry Today, ISBN 1 86226 533 X

Available from the British Library.

A Touch of Blarney? C. J. Black

As you sit relaxed in your easy chair,

If you haven’t been to Co. Kerry allow me to take you there.

‘Tis a special place it must be said, where you’re welcome all year round

But to visit during summertime, really you are duty bound.

A visit to Killarney is something you must undertake,

Take a trip by jaunting car or visit lake by lake.

Then pay a visit to renowned Muckross House, exploring its vast grounds,

Taking in the splendour of the mountains which surround –

This place of immense beauty; valleys, lakes and waterfalls,

It is something you will cherish as you look back on and recall.

Oh and then there’s Dingle, another place that’s a must see

And maybe take a boat trip with that chance to kiss Fungi?

Or perhaps the Ring of Kerry there is something you will cherish

But if you chance this trip in wintertime – bring winter woollies or you may perish.

There is also this special place to rest, and have a drink or two

A spot of beauty it must be said, known as Ladies view

Where, If you linger long enough – and if you don’t ‘twill be your loss,

‘Cause as the signpost indicates, ‘tis where leprechauns tend to cross.

On that note I should conclude; I hope your appetite is whetted

Do make this trip before it’s too late, or for sure you will regret it.

Here’s a short P.S. before I sign off; sure I could have told you a lot more,

But why ruin the attraction which surrounds; take that holiday and explore.

C.J. Black

First published 2006 ANCHOR BOOKS

SB ISBN 1 84418 441 2

Life can be so cruel. C. J. Black.

Away we sauntered hand in hand

Across the marshy boggy land

Not a worry in the world had we

Blinded by love was I, beautiful was she

We talked small talk as lovers do

Pledging again, that to each other we’d be true

Committing to each other seemed a natural progression

Until out of nowhere came this expression

It came to me like a bolt out of the blue

Turned my world totally askew

This knockout blow that was delivered

Left me standing stock still, in warm sunshine – how I shivered

I’m dying she told me – got news this morning

It was relayed to me with little warning

I haven’t been well for quite a while

Travel with me this long last mile.

Having both been in relationships that faltered badly

We had both found comfort in each other –

Gave in to each other gladly

When I eventually gathered my thoughts together

I tried to speak, but no words could I utter

We held each other for what seemed like an age

Wondering aloud if together we could manage

And both be strong for one another

Shedding salty tears, I assured her that would be no bother

She said she felt comforted by that and began to softly cry

She then squeezed my hand gently and said I’m now ready to die.

C. J. Black

5th March 2013.

Hows about that then?

I checked the thermometer it read -2 degrees

Atishoo – excuse me, here comes another sneeze

Go and write a limerick

One that’s bound to stick

One that will have the reader buckling at the knees!

Well there is no doubt about it but you failed miserably at this task

I’m really surprised at you, was it not an easy task?

At least I thought it was but at the first fence you fell

What a disaster it would have been if I’d requested a villanelle

To shun a request to write is really not at all like you

Perhaps the next three lines you write could per chance be a Haiku

Write a limerick me?

Sometimes it’s quite difficult

Haikus are more fun.

The initial challenge was to write a limerick –

 One with a bit of a kick

So I’ll give it a try

This is do or die

If it’s rubbish I deserve to get stick.

In case you are not already aware –

I’m a sucker for a challenge as you can probably tell

Especially one that proves to be a tad difficult

I’m now going to expose myself – not like that – I’m about to yell

I’m going to do my darnedest to write a villanelle

I know I’m giving myself hardship but I promise a result

I’m a sucker for a challenge as you can probably tell

I’m popping out for my magic wand so I can later cast a spell

If I don’t complete this you can cast insult after insult

I’m going to expose myself – not like that – I’m about to yell

It’s getting kind of tricky now wish I had someone to consult

Someone, who when I’m finished this, for me, might silently exult

I’m a sucker for a challenge as you can probably tell

Steady on I tell myself, you’re near the finish line, just six more hurdles to vault

 I never go and hide away I’ve no fear of the hard sell

I’m going to expose myself – not like that – I’m about to yell

 With only a few lines left after this It’ll probably finish by default

Never would this have got to float out in the blogosphere only for my friend Dell

I’m going to expose myself – not like that – I’m about to yell

I’m a sucker for a challenge as you can probably tell.

C. J. Black

22nd February 2013.






An occasion to write! C. J. Black

It’s nocturnal time again, the best time for me to write

As I pull the chair up the oak desk, remove cap from parker pen

Set the alarm clock for four hours hence it is now exactly ten.

Sitting in my writing den waiting for inspiration to flow – beautiful starry night

Hoping that ideas come my way and that there is not this dreaded blight

Have tried now on a few occasions to kick start this sonnet – must try again.

I will not be defeated by lack of success so far, I’ll push on with mind wide open

The feeling in completing your written piece quite honestly, fills the heart with delight

Using a Dictaphone, I then correct the words I’ve spoken.

The silence of the night without its distractions is also an added token

I never work for more than four hours so I can be fresh of mind come daylight.

I am my biggest critic it must be said and believe some of what I write is trite

So here I am now on the second last line, a sonnet nearly completed? – Amen.

To err is something I do quite often, but hope that when I publish, my mistakes are slight?

C. J. Black

19th February 2013.

Plucked another from the poem tree! C. J. Black.

How about a rhyming couplet to start us off I said

The quicker we get one the quicker we can put this poem to bed

So who is going to be the brave one and give a kick start?

Thank you – yes you with the jumper cheers for taking part

So what have you got in mind as to where this poem should go

No hesitating please, I beg you not so slow

Start us off with whatever thought is in your head

We’ll be the judge of what goes down, this it must be said

As this poem when complete will be for a children’s class

Understand that the finished piece must be anything but crass

Think along the lines of a Humpty Dumpty rhyme

It can be done adults, believe me, just give it time

Cleanliness is next to Godliness so the saying goes

Always remember to be open minded some like rhyming, some prefer prose

So it is quite simple once you know which direction you wish to take

And no one but you will ever know how many mistakes you make

When writing a poem and getting words to blend

Look you’ve succeeded this is it – the end.

C. J. Black

17th February 2013

Betrayal! C. J. Black

Got prodded by the thorn of a prickly rose

Getting down on one knee produced the ring

The rejection, tears to a stone did bring

If I was bitchy enough I suppose

I’d say its tentacles were bred to expose.

The hurt I felt and how my heart did sting

When I heard the reason for rejection – she was having an on the side fling

Everyone but me knew but would not disclose.

How I felt or what I cared, to this day no one knows.

She called next day to apologise, I totally rejected her peace offering

Slamming the door in her face, leaving her with the proverbial bloody nose!

What a fool, but this I propose

To relate this story – It’s worth remembering

That a bird never flew on just one wing.

C. J. Black

14th February 2013.

Love Express. C. J. Black

Sitting in the station waiting for that train

Staring through steamed up windows –

Rain streaming down the window pane

Blank faces standing at ticket counters –

Standing rigid no words spoken

Waiting to pay their fare

To a place only they know where

Couples there holding hands

Others fidgeting with wedding bands

Suddenly in the distance can be heard

The sound of a train – silence not a word.

A whisper, please hold me tight

Parting can be such sweet sorrow

Think of this as a platform to build a new tomorrow.

C. J. Black

6th February 2013.