A Ten Minute Post – Why do I Write. C. J. Black.

A Ten Minute Post – Why do I Write.

My reason for writing is to clear the mind of jumbled thoughts.

It’s escapism, keeping thoughts for posterity, maybe even writing for the enjoyment of others.

Writing is something used by me to keep the brain ticking over, encourages one to get out and people watch then return and write about what you observed, it helps your creativity, helps you meet new friends, I joined a night of open mic poetry reading coming up on one year now it has been great for mixing with like minded people who read and write poetry and meeting those who generally come to listen and comment on poems that are read during the night of readings.

Just coming up on my ten minutes of writing, try this challenge and see how you get on.

Set your timer and go.

C. J. Black.

5th February 2013