For every problem there is a word fix.

Though I am old with a sometimes wandering mind

Never blind enough though to see what the day requires

The writers mind may wander down many different roads

With persistence comes rich rewards.


A word from my younger days. Not today or yesterday

Coaxiorum, still when called upon bears the seed to succeed

It may well have been a nothing word, but it worked at the time

When syrup of figs was dished out, to work its oracle?


Now whenever I want to get ahead of the posse

Beat words at their own game I, coax them

By pouring ink into inkwell, refilling fountain pen

Lay thoughts on a page, unafraid to bare my soul.


Problems shared are problems halved

Which can be achieved even for the lonesome writer

I may think I am alone, which is absolutely absurd

For with pen in hand, a virgin page, a poem is built word on word.

(c)Chris Black. August 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~


All things speak

Whether with or without a voice

Cattle working the cud in a distant meadow

Woodquest’s in early morning conversations

Rattling of the magpie

Peace, Harmony, Love

Sun, Moon, Stars

The entire universe

All things speak.


There are times we are too “busy”

To stop and listen

We must allow ourselves silence.


Stop and think

At days end

What did we gain from

Hustle and bustle?


Life is too short.


We don’t know how short

All things speak

Take time

Stop and listen.


The clock is ticking

It’s speaking the time.

(c) Chris Black. August 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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Words, his companion (Salaska his inspiration)

He sat motionless, as questions made an indent on his brain.

The strain was telling

Every word laid down misspelled.


There was motion.

Nil frustration.


A strange calmness enveloped him

Situations such as these – few and far between.


Seeking sanctuary in the surrounds of his music

Comfort washes over him.


Sitting by his typewriter

Shadowed by a veil of thin emotion

He diligently typed


Words, per his heartbeat

Which brought a sudden calmness

A Haiku was born.


He was ageing

Yet wintering well

Happy in his mind

As he walked with words in the company of Salaska

Along imaginary cobbled streets.


(c) Chris Black. August 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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Salaska – Looking for the Way

Since the origins of the indigenous peoples of the Americas music, dance, and ceremonies worshiping nature and mother earth have always been visible expressions of the deep spirituality shared by our people” An excerpt taken from a longer piece on the sleeve of their album/CD Looking for the Way.

In a contemplative mood.

C. J. Black
Thinking back on the time that this whole new world was opened up for me
And all my scribbling from down the years were to be laid bare for all to see.

I was set up on Soundcloud on Facebook and on Twitter
I went along with this action hoping to give the world a titter?

That was what I thought at first, until I was introduced to WordPress
It was then I started to take this seriously? I wanted to impress, I guess.

Isn’t it just amazing this thing they call going viral?
The thoughts that once lay dormant in your head suddenly begin to spiral.

It gives you a real kick start, gets you to concentrate more on what you’re doing
My mind could now be likened to the crab apple tree – bearing fruit for stewing.

By putting my scribblings out there it may give at least one reader pleasure
It really does not burden me in fact I get great pleasure
In putting words down on a page where they always seem to rhyme?
It is not for profit that I compose but really just to pass the time.
(On saying that though if there’s an agent out there wishing to take a look
Do contact me at any time I’m always in the market and willing to turn a buck!)

It is very therapeutic, don’t just take my word –
Go on, sit down try it yourself don’t think what you write might be absurd
Take stock of what you have just read, there is no doubt but you can do much better
The alphabet is there to assist – go on give it a lash there is a use for every letter.
C. J. Black©β Monday, 05 May 2014.