Definitely Not Madonna!

By C. J. Black.
Like a Virgin among the pros I decided to venture forth, exposing myself to the literary world.
Not having anyone to discuss the end results of my scribbling efforts with or what I may be doing right or wrong, at this stage of my life I can take both correction/rejection.
Correction/rejection to me is akin to medication, continue to take it and you will get better?
I continue to be amazed at how prolific people are and at their dedication. O.K. to many of them it is a means of making a living, but even so one must continue with the thinking process at all times, am I correct in this statement?
There you go another conundrum, posing questions to the ghost in the room and what is more scary, expecting answers.
Once a seed is planted, I am like a dog with a bone, I gnaw away at an idea. Continuing to scribble until the inkwell runs dry – just like with this effort.
On reading an article on why not enter – I thought grab the bull by the horns, go for it.
Keep your bottle of water close at hand to flush away another rejection?
C. J. Black©β

When it rains it pours.

Writing 101 Day Eight, go to a public place make a detailed report of what you see.
C. J. Black.

Standing in the shelter of a shop door on the High Street, I was joined by this well dressed city gent.
Fumbling in the breast pocket of his Crombie overcoat he produced his monocle attached to a silk purple coloured ribbon.
He affixed the lens, produced a small leather bound diary, and proceeded to make a phone call from his Blackberry Phone.
Robert, running late for the meeting, pass on my apologies to the group.
The rain continued to come down in stair rods.
He proceeded to make another call – that meeting later, I’d advise you – Rob – OH Robert I was just calling a cab, got side tracked on the way to the meeting!
I’m in a very difficult position Robert, in that I’ve been offered the choice of two lucrative positions with our competitors.
Very good said Robert stone-faced, this unscheduled meeting saves us both being caught in an embarrassing situation, as the board were meeting to inform you of the ins and outs of the situation.
They had become aware of your position and we were convening this meeting to inform you we were terminating your contract.
The monocle dropped from his right eye, Robert tapped him on the shoulder, and got into the waiting cab.
Strange things happen all the time I guess, I must spend more time standing in shop doorways on the High Street.
C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pick the bones out of that! (Fictitious Clancy)

C. J. Black. (Writing 101 Day Seven, Give and Take. Write the post in a form of dialogue)

We were sitting in the “snug” engrossed in the goings on.
When Fictitious Clancy said, I think we should consider writing a book – but where on earth would we start?
I sat there, not quite dumbfounded staring into my pint – after due consideration I gave him these few lines –
“There he lay, empty bottle of Jack Daniels by his elbow. Blood shot eyes staring into the emptiness afraid of sleep. Suddenly a cold sweat oozed through every pore. The bedpost plunging his heart”
There you are now said I, pick the bones out of that.
He looked at me in amazement – said drink up, your pint’s gone flat.
I said is that all you have to say about my kick start for your book
Ah no he said it’s to celebrate, lubricate the mind just in case you get stuck.
Now I tell you, I was having none of this, I told him that in no uncertain manner.
I knew what his response would be – into the works you always have to throw a spanner.
I could see he was getting rattled as I sat there feeling smug
It’s amazing the thoughts that swim around in your head after a few pints in the “snug”
Fictitious Clancy and I could never have a falling out
We know one another too well for that, both of us know what we’re about.
So we put our heads together and decided to strategize
We posted the storyline on the pub notice board, we’re awaiting prompt replies.
Perhaps you also wish to get involved – go on don’t be shy
Surprise Fictitious Clancy by giving it a try.
Who knows we could get into the Guinness book of records for writing the greatest flop
Or then again it might surprise us and make those cash registers hop?
So who is going to be the first to try and milk the bull?
Sure if we didn’t have a Daily Challenge life would be quite dull.
We’ve just ordered two more pints – opened the box of dominoes
By closing time we could have a best seller on our hands – who knows?
Fictitious Clancy raised his glass in silent celebration
The amber nectar tastes even sweeter when in good company – enjoying your libation?
C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Everything is relative.

Writing 101 Day 6. A Character Building – Experience.
C. J. Black
She sat across the table from him, his face like crumpled paper, eyes expressionless.
She was used to this – having a one person conversation.
Being his only daughter she cherished the time spent in his company.
The visit, could be as brief or as long as she thought necessary.
The reaction on her arrival as with her leaving never changed.
She took his hand, he gave it a squeeze and smiled.
Hazelnut yogurt, he loved Hazelnut yogurt.
For some unknown reason she came to visit early today.
He was propped up in the bed.
He spoke, Nessa. IT IS TIME.
C. J. Black©β
Monday, 09 June 2014

Tee to Green Part 3 of 3.

C. J. Black.
I stepped up addressed the ball, struck a sweet shot straight down the middle, turned back to replace the club in the bag only to find Ted slumped to the ground.
Leaning over him I found a very weak pulse, putting him in the recovery position I quickly made my way to the club house from where an ambulance was called.
In what seemed like an eternity but was just under 20 minutes the paramedic team arrived – Ted was very weak at this time.
They got him to the ambulance, I followed on in my own car having loaded our golf bags and other equipment into the car.
Being a few minutes behind the ambulance, when I arrived I was met by one of the paramedics outside the accident and emergency with the news that they lost Ted shortly before they reached the hospital.
The news rocked me to the core.
There was a huge turnout at Ted’s funeral – club members and non-members formed a guard of honour as Ted made his final journey, I placed his trusty putter on his coffin just before it was interred.
I never again played a round of golf, losing my golf partner was like losing my right arm.
But I have many happy memories – Thank you Ted.
C. J. Black©β

I love you too.

C. J. Black

It was a horrendous morning, dark, pouring rain I was running late hoping not to miss my bus, I noticed this crumbled piece of paper in a small puddle of water, what made me pick it up I will never know.
Smoothing it out as best I could I began to read, my darling Mark I am on my way, just posting this brief note to let you know the decision is made, I will be with you in two days I’ll break the news to him from there.
My wife in her urge to leave had dropped the note.
C. J. Black©β
A hundred word story.
Writing 101 Day 5 – Be brief.

Tee to Green Part 2 of 3

C. J. Black.
This Saturday morning started off as always, the usual ritual/routine.
10 minutes from the golf course I called Ted – no response. I tried once more still no response, as we were coming close to the car park I thought it wise to continue on and park the car, as I did Ted came around – I said, Christ Ted you put the heart crossways in me for a minute are you ok?
Just feel a bit groggy but I’ll be fine once we are standing on the 1st tee.
We got ourselves organised, set the balls up and tossed the coin, Ted was off first – what was most uncommon of Ted, his tee off shot was most wayward, and normally it would be right down the middle.
Did you see where it landed he asked me, now Ted would be very diligent in all aspects of his life and at all times he brought that diligence with him to the golf course.
C. J. Black©β

Tee to Green. PART 1 of 3

C. J. Black.
The ritual was the same every Saturday morning @7:00am I would call for Ted, we’d have a mug of tea, 2 slices of toast we’d then get 2 bananas 2 bottles of water put them in a zip compartment of the golf bag and set off on our journey.
The weather was never an issue, this was our escape from the woes of the working week. It was an hour’s drive to the golf course, Ted would be asleep within minutes of us being on the road, he never was a good traveller as he’d admit himself he’d get dizzy spells on an escalator.
The understanding was I would call him 10 minutes before reaching our destination.
C. J. Black©β
05/06/2014 21:31:31

Quite a trick don’t you think?

C. J. Black
I find myself sitting at my writing desk and climbing the walls at the same time, not a ladder in sight I might add.
There is nothing happening, like trying to get blood from a stone. What to write about is the burning question – waiting for the Muse to arrive with a steaming pot of inspiration, strong with no sugar I’ll milk it myself thank you.
Just like I’m milking this effort, but the coffee will be much easier consumed than a story will be created. Cremated more like if I don’t get my act together, at this point perhaps it is the right thing to do, adjourn read a chapter or two of a book, just in case you are interested in what I am about to sit and read it’s ‘The Abbey by Chris Culver’
Ah that’s better much more relaxed, well as relaxed as you can be after reading a couple of chapters of a crime novel – not all about crossing yourself and being sprinkled with holy water as you might expect.
Where do people get the ideas from to write such stories – as much as I read the everyday happenings of criminality in the real world listen to and watch news bulletins about horrendous crimes – I just can’t see myself sitting down jumbling it all together finding names and places etc. etc. etc. and coming up with a plausible story line.
But then again an author of renown probably couldn’t sit down and after writing 258 words have written as much nonsense as I have – there is the difference.
I can admit it and you can agree – the word waffle was invented to describe what I have written thus far, if there is somewhere on this planet a waffling competition you have my blessing to enter my name.
I am sitting back now looking at what I have achieved? – Like the cat with the cream – you can’t see it but it’s there an ear to ear grin.
Writing 101 Day 3 Try free writing, empty your mind onto the page – above is the result.
C. J. Black©β
04/06/2014 20:01:43
Three of my favourite songs and the reasons why, I will be brief with this – Old Dogs Children and Watermelon Wine. Tom T. Hall, I had the great fortune to interview the man after a show he performed in Dublin, Ireland back in the dim and distant past.

Seven Spanish Angels – all you have to do is listen to Willie Nelson to know the reason why.
How to pick No.3 – To be truthful with you my favourite Country Artist is Merle Haggard there are so many, many of his compositions I could choose – suffice to say I’m stumped – well pick one – ok – Footlights.

Growing Grey Gracefully.

C. J. Black
I’m starting a new adventure, turning right onto writer’s highway. Having never ventured before the excitement is palpable, the challenge of challenging yourself to try something new is something we all should relish.
Awesome in a good way, it is as good as the smell of ink being poured into your inkwell reading desk, making quite sure you have ample supply of writing paper, blotting paper, that your quill is fit for purpose, this to me is akin to the fellow crossing Niagara falls without a safety net one slip up and you are history.
My time and place when I set out to write – time, preferably as night begins to fall, I find this the more relaxing, although I do chance to write in the early morning before the distractions of the day show their heads, family excluded I must quickly add.
Place, my writing den where I can hide myself away from all distractions – tune into my choice of music or depending on the mood the music choice of The Blue of the Night which you can find on RTE LYRIC FM.
Other places I find conducive to writing are train travel – the rhythm can be most relaxing and the fact that you can get up go for a walk through the carriages should you wish to free the mind for a few moments – also whilst walking, it is good practise to carry a Dictaphone should you get a prompt from something you may observe or a sudden burst of inspiration should expose itself.
A combination of all the above regularly bears fruit, it may not always be sweet tasting but then again some people like myself for instance at times enjoy a taste of sour!
I will never know the answer to this question at times I pose to myself – what would be the end result of taking pen and paper onto a submarine for a week, has anybody experienced the experience? If so do let the world know of your exploits – I for one would be intrigued.
Writing 101, Day 2 completed, hope some of it makes some sense to at least one person.
C. J. Black©β
03/06/2014 22:52:33