Rambling Thoughts

Alexander Graham Bell

A man who had a story to tell

One day while all alone

Said I think I’ll invent the telephone

He hung this gadget on either wall

Realised then he could make that call

Clapped his hands and said that’s that

Called 1550 – 2428 and invented chat.

C.J. Black.



Said Thomas Edison sitting in the dark

Let’s try this invention for a lark

He plugged it in and thought if I’ve got this right

When I flick this switch I should get light

When he did he heard this remark

That Tomas Edison now there’s a bright spark

C.J. Black


Parking for profit!!! C.J. Black

Lying off on a park bench reading my Times and minding my own business I dozed off, on waking from my slumber to my amazement I was 60 euro the richer but still felt lighter, someone had placed a cap at my side, whether they started the trend of placing a note or coins I will never know but I thank them just the same even though I did not doze off to become the richer for it.

The graciousness of some can never be fully explained also the attitude/actions of others can also not be explained fully, those that give without giving it a thought must be thanked while the actions of those who pilfer must be condoned.

Allow me to explain, while I dozed my wallet was removed from my person hence the feeling lighter while the donations made me the richer, you see all my wallet contained was a crisp 20 euro note, so the pilferer did me and themselves a favour.

I gathered my thoughts and myself together and rose from my prone position stiff but feeling the better for my slumber, I pocketed my donations and made my way homewards – a short distance away from where I lay, I recovered my wallet full of emptiness but otherwise intact, had a light bulb moment but quickly switched it out – what was I thinking? Only that earning like this could become a habit hard to break.

C.J. Black
11th May 2013.
(Flash Fiction – Temptation)