Gave the sawdust a shake #400 post.

Children these days.

  1. C. J. Black

They grow way too fast these days

Her story must be told

All those happy days together – for them I give praise

When I’m feeling lonely – this photograph which I hold

Has framed in it many memories

Which I carry with me daily

To add to this I gather around me her many child accessories

Thoughts of her are with me constantly.


She moved house many moons ago

It must be said – against my better wishes

To set up home with her beaux

Both were young and free – probably overly ambitious

But there comes a time when we must cut the cord

Allowing them the freedom to find their place in the world

Hoping that their faith in you will someday be restored

That when eventually we both embrace – a flag of peace will be unfurled.


  1. C. J. Black©β

Sunday 2 August 2015


It is true.

Evil lurks around every corner.

  1. C. J. Black

When the poem within me is written

I alone will be smitten

Everyone else at first glance

Will I know take a different stance.


But is that not life is all about

The believers and those who doubt

We have all at times found ourselves in this boat

I for one will never gloat.


You never know when your bubble will burst

You may be lauded or you may well be cursed

In the wicked world in which we live

It is best we learn how to forgive.


Even though we may not know it

We could find ourselves kipping down in a flea pit

Just as well we don’t know what’s in store

In this world we exist in which is rotten to the core


Evil lurks around every corner – its true

The whole damn world is totally askew

Knowing who your true friends are, today is a real bonus

Honesty and keeping within this circle on us there is an onus.


Teaching peace and love to the upcoming generation

Is not just our duty, indeed it is our obligation

Let them know the difference between good and evil

Assure them they can trust in their God and admonish that devil.


Hopefully your words of wisdom will not fall on stony ground

That the generations following after us will feel duty bound

To take from us the baton of peace

Then perhaps when we have long passed – hatred will have begun to cease

They can look back and give thanks that we had a vision

And their forward thinking will not be treated with derision.


  1. C. J. Black©β

Saturday 1 August 2015

When is enough enough?

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Hello my name is Emma,

Where do I begin. I used to live in Bolivia where I was born and grew up. I studied Law at University where I met a man 10 years older than me. I was 18 and he was 28, my parents frowned upon this relationship but I was in love and he wanted to marry me.

I applied for Law school and started my course in Bolivia however my love at the time was moving to London, he told me to drop out and come to London with him where he would marry me and put me in the best school in London.

After much contemplating and arguments with my parents, i decided to follow my love and set off to London. This was my first time ever leaving the country and I was extremely excited.

We got to London alright and had a small…

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Whipping it into shape.

Started out as a matchbox, ended up a tea chest.

C. J. Black


Life being a one way street

We should be kind to all those whom we meet.


Enjoy it while you can, try and stay on the right track

Life; is a one way street and there is no one coming back.

It’s quite alright to party and have a real good time

But it’s very hard to write a poem when you get stuck for a rhyme.

Only these few lines in already and it appears that I am lost

Yes some days; I’m the dog, some days I am the lamp post.

No point in getting discouraged, sure it’s just words on a page

No one except yourself will know of your feeling of sheer outrage.

It really is gratifying to know that no one will ever know

Of the bother that you went through to put this poem on show.

They probably think – he sits there and writes words at will

Like the artist painting a race horse – He still ends up with a still.

I know I will never be a proper poet, no matter how hard I try

So don’t attempt to follow me – there are many better poets then I.

I will finish off with this line, I am not saying anymore

Except, those to whom nothing is impossible, never tried to slam a revolving door.


  1. C. J. Black©β

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Something borrowed something blue.

A Doll called Peaches.

  1. C. J. Black.

The voice at the end of the telephone line

Faceless, continued the weeping and crying

He thought he could read me like an open book

The tremor in her voice left me totally dumbstruck.


I tried my utmost to calm the situation

I knew not who the caller was, nor would she reveal her location

Explaining to her that her call was not in vain

And that I would listen for as long as she wished – once it eased her pain.


He had beaten her to within an inch of her life she said

All was good the night before as we laid on our wedding bed

Suddenly, as though taken over by the devil

My husband turned from lover into a man of evil.


The more she talked the calmer she became

I told her who she was talking to, she revealed her name

An hour had passed or maybe more

When a loud banging could be heard on her bedroom door.


Raised voices could be heard coming down the telephone line

Recognising those voices she assured me – all now will be fine

Just then the line went dead – there was no more I could do –

Be assured, this has been a fictitious poem – not one word of it is true.


  1. C. J. Black©β

Wednesday, 29 July 2015



Just for the fun of it!

Red Top Station.

Seated here on the thunder box

Trousers down around your socks

A room to sit and contemplate

To watch the world go slipping by

Read your morning paper

Study the sports pages

Suddenly – knock upon the door

Hurry up your in there ages.

C.J. Black©β



The BIG sneeze.

Streaming eyes,

Running nose,

Symptoms of flu

What to do?

Pill pop,

Hope to stop

Cold sweat,

Sickly feeling

Head thumping

Major sneeze

Some ease

Hot toddy

Straight to bed

Duvet up

Cover head

Next day throw a sickie

Then recover – one flu over.

C.J. Black©β

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I know my sheep and they know me.

Inspired by an old photograph.

  1. C. J. Black.

It’s not easy being old

Even on a sunny day my body feels the cold.


Sitting alone, longing to talk

This arthritic body to sore to walk.


Sitting in my favourite armchair by an empty grate

A mug of tea to dunk my biscuit in, now that would be great.


Rain beating against the window pane, makes an eerie sound

Fetch me my pen and paper Dear – in my head these words go around and around.


But I am all alone now – you’d think after all these years –

At the memory of her passing – I’d have no more salty tears.


Yes we were friends and lovers – 60 years we were together

We travelled many a long and winding road – it’s nearing time that I joined her.


The family deserted me when I became a burden

I’ll never know of their reaction when they draw that final curtain.

“Fear not for when I’m gone be ye not deterred

There will be another shepherd elected to take charge of the herd”

  1. C. J. Black©β

Monday, 27 July 2015