Acrostic poem #2

Welcome to the hump of the week Energised? Delighted there are just two days following before the weekend? Naturally. Especially if there is partying to be done Sunday the delegated day of rest, before kicking off a brand new week Do yourself a favour, rest is a great pick me up Always try to fit […]

Taking pity

Approaching the vehicle Noticing the passenger window was slightly ajar We could see this head bobbing up and down on the drivers seat The day was one of those shirt sleeve days Peering in we could see he was chained to the steering wheel Panting. We talked human talk Are you alright there How long […]

Back to basics.

After a morning away from the writing room The weather was no help Still it was no hindrance Walk by the shore line, clear the head Time for a team meeting Talking to oneself is not a crazy notion At least that is what I kept whispering to myself Amazing what goes through your head […]