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*Annotate if you so wish.

*Annotate if you so wish.

  1. C. J. Black

Antagonising over what you should write

Brings only anguish.

Collect your thoughts

Don’t deny yourself thinking time

Establish in your mind

Foundations on which you wish to work.

Grab on at every opportunity

Hang on to them, never discard.

Imagine, these will yield success

Jettison thoughts of – I can’t do this.

Keep a lid on positive thoughts always

Label items, create a good filing system

Method not madness is the key to this.

Noblesse oblige, depending on circumstances, should be considered at all times?

Obviously you are the sole determiner of this

Pervasiveness in pursuit of your –

Quarry may not be the way to develop –

Relationships you wish to keep

Shame on those who take this road!

Temperance should be self-thought

Use your God given talents in the proper manner

Vanity, will in the end win no friends?

Wallowing in self-pity will have a likewise outcome?

Xenophobia should be preached at all times?

You’d be surprised at how many will take offence to such statements.

Zany, could be a term used to describe the author of this tendentious piece?

*Inform the author.

  1. C. J. Black©β Friday 28 August 2015 http://www.chrisblack2012.com




The Grandfather Clock.

The Grandfather Clock.

  1. C. J. Black

Standing surely six feet tall

Its elegance filled the stately hall

Its large gold coloured hands pointing out the time

On the hour its magnificent chime.


If it could only talk, it would tell many a story

About the sadness witnessed also about the glory

To us children growing up it was just a clock

In the elders eyes it was seen as their rock.


For it helped educate us when we were small

Its chimes thought us to count, that’s one thing I recall

Its hands thought us arithmetic

At addition and subtraction it never missed a trick.


It was indeed a great conversation piece

Now long since retired to antique heaven, I hope its tick tock will never cease.


  1. C. J. Black©β

Thursday 27 August 2015



An escape from reality.

An escape from reality.

  1. C. J. Black

Today, there is a lot of screaming and shouting going on inside my head

Write it down, write it down get it out of your system put this poem to bed.


It becomes quite difficult trying to write what you cannot see

But once you do it, a mighty relief believe you me.


Being realistic when putting first impressions down

They must first be honed and polished or people are sure to frown.


Who do you share your initial thoughts with or do you keep them to yourself?

Perhaps you leave them laying around – occasionally removing them from the shelf.


Not that I have a problem should someone wish to take a peek

Just don’t be disappointed as my first draft is usually weak.


Where do they go, those thoughts which surface then quickly disappear

Somewhere out in the universe floating around in the atmosphere?



Here’s a mesmerising thought, what if somewhere in outer space

There are aliens trying to interpret William Butler Yeats.


  1. C. J. Black©β

Wednesday 26 August 2015



A Host for Words.

A Host of Words.

  1. C. J. Black.

As I sit here at my alter

I contemplate, on whether I will alter –

This page I am about to cover with tiny sentences –

When I awaken from this beautiful dream and come to my senses.


Will I remember word for word this poems contents?

Write it down Verbatim in a language which presents –

To those who take the time, to listen or to read

Believe, like me that what is written is what was decreed?


For once we reach for our writing implement

In our mind we should be quite content –

That whatever pours out onto this page

Was meant to mentally engage.


When we read the works of others or listen to the spoken word

We all come away with differing aspects – there is no writing which is absurd

As we write, each one of us use a different structure

Which looms large and is indeed for posterity – a piece of beautiful architecture.


Everyday a new poem arrives to add to my repertoire

One day hopefully I can write a classic, in proper poetic dialect?

Moving as it were from paragraph to paragraph

Like chess pieces, moving words until I form a proper graph.


Sentences start out like trees in winter

Bare – like the skeleton, skinless

But as writing begins to flow

Your page comes alive – begins to show

The plot come alive – begin to grow.

The plot you have tended has garnered new fruit

Presenting itself to the outside world, still – as a Van Gogh painting.


  1. C. J. Black©β



A Lesson in –

How not to write a blockbuster.

  1. C. J. Black

This was said to me the other day – you’re really on a run

Trying hard to escape from Quill I said – if you’ll pardon the pun

Keep at they said success will come, even from writing something ordinary

My response to them was this – the only place I’ll find success is between succeed and succinct in the dictionary.


Yes success would be great if it came to pass

But I guess it’s designed for others and not for me alas

I write I tell simply, just for the therapy

I’m not in it for the arm around the shoulder or indeed the sympathy.


We should all write in order to keep the art alive

Unless you write a blockbuster, you must find other ways to survive

I’m old and grey enough to understand this

Not to alert others, now that of me would be amiss?


So please accept you are therefore alerted

Never fear that you are ever neglected

Even if what you write never sees the light of day

It really is a fun thing don’t you think, an escape from the real world – is word play.


If there was money to be made from trivia writing then I’d be a millionaire

People might even stop and point at me – some might even stare?

Ah, celebrity status now that would be a thrill

They might laud you from the highest mountain, or perhaps from a molehill?


There is so much more I could write, except I’m getting rather bored

I’m about to give this “poem” its freedom by snipping its umbilical cord.


“The outlook for writers would be rather bleak

If in time to come they outlawed writing tongue in cheek”


  1.  C. J. Black©β

Sunday 16 August 2015



Talk about frying your brain.

Thoughts of a keyboard warrior.

  1. C. J. Black.

*He strings words together like beads.

Always on the lookout for poetic leads

Happening on a line which then kicks him into gear

He feels compelled to borrow – never to demur.


Always giving credit to the author of the line

Should one always do so, never think should I decline?

Perhaps there are others with a different mind-set

Who continuously plagiarise – feeling no regret.


For all I know people may have borrowed words of mine

(Not ever suggesting I own words of course)

Here I openly forgive them – you see I have a spine?

Then in saying that – I could well be accusing someone in the wrong?

Plagiarism is rampant – especially in song?


If I had the time or the inclination to Google a line which I have written

Is there dare I ask, a slim chance I could be sorely bitten?

Perhaps such an action would cause my PC to overload?

Have you ever considered travelling down this road?


  1.  C. J. Black©β

Thursday 13 August 2015


*A line from a piece written by Michelle Dooley-Mahon©2015 after speed reading *Pools of Light (For the first time)

*Pools of Light – A recently published book of Poetry and Short Stories by author Kevin Connelly whose blog you can follow @kevin-connelly.com