Just for the fun of it.

Down at club FUNK-SHUN situated at Overall Junction, Crosscut Saw  were belting out the Laundromat Blues. Their Personal Manager i.e. ‘The Hunter’ possibly, who’s to say, was Born under a bad sign, that day when he took the phone call, he spoke in a rather belligerent manner storming – I’m not in a bad mood, feeling Down don’t bother me. The very thought of […]

As the song says

Sorry is the hardest word. Sorry, I’m sorry that I haven’t taken time out to say I’m sorry Sorry for the wrongs I’ve done Sorry for all the wrongs you think I’ve done Sorry for not answering promptly when questioned Sorry for answering when you believed I should have kept my mouth zipped Sorry for […]

It has been whispered

You need to become a pen In order to place words upon a page Only then will ink flow through that single vein Your efforts, they will not be in vain?   As pen and paper in harmony engage The sound of nib on parchment, music to the ear Then and only then will the […]


Sometimes only paper will listen As you express your thoughts. Thoughts and prayers are with the innocent Who went to party Their future sadly now in the past. Is there no end to this pain? (c) Chris Black 2017.