A vote for symmetry.

Trying so hard to frame words This picture he had of what he wished to write Kept moving hither and thither As if the goal posts were being moved He saw himself out in a field of words Yet he felt alone, abandoned His independence knocked for six. Then he decided, in a wordly way […]

Christmas Alphabet : C for Chuck Berry ( Run Rudolph Run) & The Chieftains with Rickie Lee Jones

Originally posted on The Immortal Jukebox:
It’s that time of year again. And, as loyal readers will know The Immortal Jukebox has a tradition of marking Christmas Tide with special Posts. Songs of celebration and reflection from many genres and from artists famous and obscure. This year for all our delight it’s a ‘Christmas Alphabet’…

Not squid but prawn.

Amazing the reaction words on a page can generate Yesterday’s poem “Silent movies would be just that” Has left me flabbergasted, here was I doodling away Scratching the head, wondering would I create? Not being an academic, never was a swat Writing purely for pleasure, simply to pass the day Then out of the blue […]