The Least of These

Water for Camels

Late one day, at the end of the week, I stood looking out at the city of Birminham through the windows of my 11th floor office. The view was amazing as darkness descended and thousands of lights gave the appearance of a magical world filled with excitement and promise. For someone. Not me. I, however, only felt the exhaustion of a week of crisis, turmoil and problem solving. In other words, I was spent.

I had been embroiled in so many meetings, case staffing and community projects, I hadn’t even started looking at emails for the day. Opening up my mail folder I winced to see 300 emails waiting for me. With a resolute sigh, I scanned them to see if any were emergent as I would hit those first.. I stopped short when I saw an email from the agency stock clerk with no subject line. I don’t normally…

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