Writing 201: Day 2.


Writing 201: Journey. On the menu today; Journeys, Limericks and alliteration.


As I Journey through this poem

Allowing my mind to freely roam

I may just come up with a gem

Words which fit, if I remember them

But then again maybe not

Then on my copybook I’ll leave a blot

Walk away not quite frustrated

Perhaps a little agitated?


Tried to write a Limerick once

But of sense I haven’t an ounce

Good I have fleeting feet

Can run a mile from defeat

Tried to write a Limerick once?


There was an old man from Japan

Who tried to fry fish on a pan?

I thought it quite odd

When he said, yes its cod

It need not make sense – but must scan?


I tried writing a Limerick and failed

On these words was firmly impaled

But write one I will

I won’t stop until

I’ve writing Limericks nailed.


Am I improving as I go along?

Could I be in line for a gong?

A Limerick Bafta

That’s what I’m “Afta”

On stage is where I belong?


Now that I’m on a roll

And look like I’m reaching my goal

A Limerick I’ll write

Out of pure spite

Might even one critic extol?


From writing Limericks I thought I’d refrain

Then I thought, what then would I gain

So decided why not

Give it a second shot

“Limericks” could drive you insane?


By putting these “Limericks” on show

Just proves how little I know –

About, writing I guess

But onward I’ll press

Undaunted, my trumpet I’ll blow.


I’m not a feather plucker, I’m a feather puckers’ son.


I rattled my bottles in Hollick’s yard, my bottles I rattled in Hollick’s yard.


Red leather, Yellow leather.

  1. J. Black©β

Tuesday, 17 February 2015






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