*”The bloom is gone, and with the bloom go I”

Writing from the perspective of a tree.

Seasons they come and go, happy, sad and joyous occasions

It is Autumn now my foliage, turning from lush green

To a glowing but fading gold

Limbs now exposed to the chill of oncoming Winter

Shortened days, humid evenings

Summer has flown a time I itched with flies.

Winter when my flesh is bare as leaf after leaf flutters to earth

I long for Spring and again giving birth

Until then I must perish beneath the winter sun and hoarfrost

Then at season change, leaves will fill each tree with another shade.

Following winter storms, with open arms I welcome Spring

I shall not ruminate on what went before

My boughs will forget the pain, as eyelids open

With each bead like eye I’ll welcome the passer-by

Then the delight of Summer, as I watch out over wheat-fields

The God of nature brings summer in full regalia

While the rook caws lazily.

*Matthew Arnold

(c) Chris Black. November 2018

IMG_20181103_092950~The Poet’s Poet~

#Poetry #amwriting


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