NaPoWriMo2014 #8

Make me smile.

C. J. Black.

I don’t often have down days

But when I do they give me a raise

Who are they you may well enquire

The “gang” who never fail to inspire.


Number one on the list has to be Fawlty Towers

Basil & Co. would keep you entertained for hours

Next on the comedy list – Only Fools and Horses

Not everybody’s fancy – but then again horses for courses.


 Where would you be without a sprinkling of Milligan?

 In my opinion he is, the number one comic citizen

Mention of Spike brings me seamlessly onto the Goons

Their antics at all times leave me in comedic ruins.


Not forgetting of course the zaniness of Monty Python

Whose antics continue to be anything but a marathon?

I’m also lucky enough I’ll admit to have been born-

In the era of the radio comedy, remembering Kenneth Williams and Around the Horn.


Definitely have to mention the darkness Black Adder

Be careful though if you happen to have a dodgy bladder

It would also be remiss of me, not to mention odd

If I omitted to mention the irrepressible Ken Dodd.


Also, although it’s dated now to omit would be a sin

So I must give a shout out for Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In

I am coming near the end now but I’d be a proper looper

If Just Like That I failed to mention the genius of Tommy Cooper.


I could not of course close without paying homage to one Groucho Marx

Who, if you’ll pardon the expression could bring a smile to a corpse.

Now that I’ve laid my “make me smile” store bare

Perhaps you just might be encouraged to open yours and share?

C. J. Black©β